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4 amazing pickled recipes that you should try!

Can you imagine life without pickles!? These tiny, green and sometimes weirdly shaped things add so much taste to traditional food items like salads, burgers and sandwiches. The slightly sour and bitter taste they add to a recipe is heavenly.

While the traditional green pickle is the one most of us are aware of, pickling in fact extends to a wide variety of items. After all, pickling is just the process of extending a fruit or vegetable’s life by curing it with brine or vinegar. In fact, Michigan has its own variety of crunchy cucumber pickles which are quite common in these parts. Let us look at some others.

Pickled green tomatoes

You may have seen green tomatoes in grocery stores or supermarkets. They make excellent pickles. Brine is used as the medium to elongate their lives, and it adds a bitter flavor on top of the sweeter tomato flavor. Chili is added in most recipes.

Pickled Asian pears

Asian pears, when cured with white wine vinegar and combined with items such as lime, chili and arugula, pickle excellently. Try them with your sandwich or with blue cheese.  The pears themselves originate from East Asia and taste extremely sweet.

Mini-carrot and chili pickle

Yet another great recipe that goes as a side with a spicy meal. Mini-carrots are combined with cider vinegar to allow curing, and different ingredients such as chili, mustard seeds and salt are added to generate a confusing flavor.

Polish kołobrzeskie

The Polish city of Kołobrzeg, near the Baltic Sea, is famous for its kołobrzeskie pickles. These are cured in brine, and are consumed with traditional beef rolls and gravy. Try them with Detroit’s own corned beef egg roll.

While there are many other pickled recipes, these are our favorite. Top restaurants in Detroit such as Giovanni’s, Vicente’s, London Chop House, SavannahBlue and Joe Meur have some interesting varieties of pickled recipes that we would definitely recommend.Check out our take on Detroit’s gastronomic innovations.

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