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4 great boutique hotels to stay at Detroit

We mentioned in our about page on how Detroit is reinventing itself as a destination focused on the service industry, especially food, travel and hospitality. While gastronomy and food are its key current assets, Detroit also has a rising hospitality sector.

American cities are traditionally dominated by the main hotel chains of Hilton, Marriot and Westin. Today, we are also witnessing the Airbnb revolution. At the same time, Detroit has an amazing collection of boutique and smaller hotels that are focusing more on the element of service. An increasing number of projects are on the works.

While a lot has been focused on Detroit’s failing auto industry, it is also important to keep in mind that the remnants of the big three – General Motors, Chrysler and Ford – are still in the city. As a result, it attracts a lot of tourist and auto enthusiasts from across the globe. The boutique hotel industry aims to capture a larger share of this population.

The Henry, Autograph collection

As we mentioned above, Detroit’s legacy invites a lot of tourists to the city. The Henry hotel is a lavish four-star hotel that is rated the best in Michigan according to TripAdvisor. There is also a museum of the legendary automaker and entrepreneur in the vicinity.

Detroit hostel

If you are a backpacker or are looking to live on the cheap, this is the palce for you. Funded by local resident, this chic and hipster-like place is well decorated and has all required amenities. The hostel hooks you up with all of the city’s top attractions and is reasonably priced as well

Shinola hotel

The Shinola hotel, huge and sprawling 106-room property, is scheduled to open in mid-2018. The hotel is located at the site of the Wurlitzer Building, one of the historic sites in the city. The hotel is luxurious and also a symbol of the city’s past and present. Structures that look like fire engine doors and a rooftop ballroom are just some of the amazing attractions here.

Corktown Inn

This is actually a property listed in Airbnb. Students, younger travelers and artists recommend this place as it is reasonably priced and yet has a look of luxury about it. Corktown is Detroit’s oldest neighborhood and hence is a great location to understand the city and its past. The décor is quite cool and interesting.

More projects are planned and aim to speedup Detroit’s recovery. The city, once the center of the Auto industry and now increasingly threatened by Elon Musk and the electric car revolution, is well on the road to recovery. Not convinced yet? Expedia should convince you!

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