Advertisers and businesses in Detroit, take note!  We have an advertiser community of 250+ currently, most of them being local corporates, SMEs, freelancers and startups in various sectors.

We aim to promote local businesses here, especially ones in the tourism, food, travel and tech industry. We want you to be the fact of the new Detroit. Take advantage of our community of more than 120,000 readers. You also get the following advantages.

Tailored banner space

As our blog posts are specific and tailored to a certain user profile, you can get significant banner/ad space if you have a custom solution or offering. This has worked out amazingly well for our current advertisers.

Community events

We organize food-tasting, wine-tasting and other community driven events that bring the city together. The audience normally contains individuals, corporates and public officials. You can make use of these events for identifying leads, product testing and marketing.

Platinum advertising

If your product or service fares excellently within our community, we will upgrade you to platinum category, which includes heavily discounted prices in our blog and blogs of similar communities that we have connections with.

As a brand advertiser of Detroit, we also have constant engagements with corporates, city officials and the mayor’s office. Corporates occasionally engage us when they plan their CSR initiative. We try as much as possible to promote local businesses during such engagements. So don’t wait further!