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Potato pies, square pizzas, Boston cooler and Detroit’s great food scene

Whilst America is a great destination for gastronomic enthusiasts, Detroit is probably not the first name that springs to mind. You would think of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. And that is perhaps fair considering the far more precedent gastronomic culture that has existed there for decades.

At underground Detroit, we want to promote the image of Detroit as a rising gastronomic destination in the United States. Forever known as America’s poor man ever since a lot of auto industry jobs began heading to other parts, Detroit recognized the need to reinvent itself. And this was most pressing post the 2008 recession and the bankruptcy filing of General Motors.

The tourism and food sectors were lined up as key industries to promote the “New Detroit”. In that spirit, many restaurants have started popping up and creating innovative recipes. Today we think of Giovanni’s, Selden Standard, Buddy’s Pizza and Vicente’s when we think of Detroit’s best restaurants.

And some of these restaurants and eateries have created iconic dishes and beverages that us Detroiters have come to love. Think of sweet potato pies, chicken and waffles, corned beef egg roll and our delicious square-sized pizzas. We have all sorts of delicious food, whether they are sweet, spicy, bitter or sour. Nat Geo actually mentioned Detroit as a food capital!

And of course, how can we forget the iconic Boston cooler. Non-Detroiters, don’t be fooled by the name. It is a Detroit original. The cooler is basically a mix of mild ginger ale and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It is a drink for all seasons, be it hot summers when the cold and refreshing ice-cream comes as a relief, or cold winters when the bitter taste of the ale perks your body up!

The food scene at Detroit shows no slowing down. At the rate it is going, we will be talking about another “iconic” consumable in a few years. This development is indeed exciting and we hope it propels Detroit to the top of the American gastronomic scene.

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