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Detroit is one of the US’s historic cities. It is the largest and most populous city in the States-Canada border, and has been traditionally known for its manufacturing industry. The Auto industry predominantly depended on Detroit and based many factories in the city.

Today, Detroit is much more than that. Its dependence on manufacturing is reducing gradually, with the emergence of a vibrant tourism and service industry. The gastronomic scene, especially, is becoming prominent in the city. Along with predominant tourist hubs in the United States such as New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, Detroit is attracting a flock of tourists due to its historic significance.

We are a group of five Detroiters who love our city and want to promote the best facets of our city. We also want to address the wider public perception that Detroit is a crime-ridden city. While that has some truth to it, the city is extremely large and associating its entirety to crime is baseless. Chicago has a notorious downtown part that is crime-ridden, but that doesn’t apply to the whole city.

We will write about our vibrant and diverse food industry, travel opportunities within and around the city and also a vibrant hospitality industry that is attracting Americans and others to settle in these parts.