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4 awesome places in Detroit for apple cider drinks!

We see a lot of food- and wine- testing events around us these days. It is becoming a trend towards establishing not just a gastronomic scene, but also to expose people to diverse tastes and flavors. It helps to set up a community of food-oriented people.

Detroit is no exception when it comes to this. If you go to TripAdvisor, you notice some of the best gastronomic tours including the HandleBar Detroit, a moving food stall that takes you around the city and its various food spots! There is also the Delish Detroit tour, that tours the different markets in Detroit and organizes food sampling.

Michigan as a whole has many characteristics and traits that it is known for. One of them is cider. With beautiful apple farms sprawling across the countryside in Michigan, cider is one of the popular drinks in these parts. As the largest and most populous city in Michigan, Detroit has a lot of cider brands and enthusiasts. We present to you four great spots to enjoy a refreshing glass of cider.

1 - 4 awesome places in Detroit for apple cider drinks!

Blake’s hard cider

We have to start with Blake’s, the most famous brand in these parts. Along with their product line in grocery stores and supermarkets, Blake’s also has a restaurant / tasting room. You will need to reserve a private table but it is well worth it. A tour of their production facility will expose you to hundreds of cider varieties, catered to all taste buds.


Cellarman’s does all kinds of drinks – cider, beer and mead. Think of this one as a craft beer- style facility, but for cider. You have ciders of different tastes and components, such as sweet- semi-sweet and traditional dry. Try out their delicious pineapple cider!

Hopcat Detroit

Hopcat is usually frequented for their delicious craft beers and burgers. They also have a great selection of ciders. Our favorites here include the house special Sir Lushington, Razzgar and LL Cool Bayes. In total, they have six varieties of ciders, which is more than most bars in town.

Selden standard

Selden standard is one of the main gastronomic innovators in Detroit. They have great craft beers, cosmopolitan recipes and one of the best brunch menus we have seen. They also have a selection of ciders to die for, such as the CuvéeSoeur’ise and the Fitz-Ritter Sekt. These are European varieties but nevertheless delicious!

2 - 4 awesome places in Detroit for apple cider drinks!
Image source: dailydetroit.com

So stop reading and hop on to one of these places to check out for yourself! Let us know in our social media platforms which ones you like best.

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